The new social and economic reality, as well as the need for economic sector diversification to support the Chamber’s members, became clearly visible through diversified requests from our longstanding members and the needs of new members active in different sectors joining the Chamber over the past year.

To pro-actively respond to those new dynamics and care for its members best interests, the CCLBL board is introducing an economic sector approach and aiming for a more balanced representation of the bi-lateral, even tri-lateral, economic relations between the respective countries represented by our Chamber.

A such as communicated at the General Assembly of February 26 and confirmed at the Board meeting of March 3rd, the Board is welcoming 3 new board members each representing a dedicated economic sector:

  • Rui Miguel Nabeiro, CEO of Delta Cafés – CCLBL’s Vice President and representative of the Agri, Food and Beverage sector
  • Gregory VAN der ELST, Country Director at Atenor Portugal, – CCLBL’s Representative of the Real Estate and Construction sector
  • Nicolas Keutgen, Chief Innovation Officer at Schréder – CCLBL’s Representative of the Industry, Technology and Digital sector

The services sector will be represented by Chantal Sohier, General manager BNP Paribas, President of CCLBL.

In addition, the current board members will take on a new role:

  • Yvonne Bernardino, Managing Director at FUCHS Insurances – CCLBL’s Vice-President will be coordinating the development of the Luxembourg bi-lateral relations,
  • Frédéric Frère, CEO of TRAVELSTORE – CCLBL’s Representative of the Tourism sector,

Finally, Stan Dero Head of IT Office at Ageas Portugal Grupo is replacing Anne Van den Bergh and becomes the new treasurer of the Chamber.

We are very confident that the Chamber’s members and partners will benefit from their experience and network to support business development opportunities in a constantly changing and evolving world.

Message from CCLBL’s President, Chantal Sohier