(Edition of 03/03/2020)

I - Creation of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon

The first Belgian movement in Portugal began on August 19, 1914 at the Hotel Avenida Palace in Lisbon, with the creation of the Anglo-Franco-Belgian Committee of Relief to Military Wounded.

One of the important figures was Mr. Romberg Nisard, industry, Administrator of the Vale de Vouga Railway Track, of the Rasca cement factory.

The purpose of this committee was to help the soldiers of the 1914-1918 war by sending them food and clothing.

To raise funds, the committee held shows, the first on September 11, 1914, at the Theatre of the Republic in Lisbon (which now no longer exists).

On August 15, 1915, Mr. Romberg Nisard created with other Belgians the Belgian Union, bringing together Belgian residents in Portugal.

Its purpose extended to trade between Belgium and Portugal.

Faced with the refusal of the Belgian authorities to recognize that Belgian Union as a commercial and industrial mission, a committee meeting was created whose aim was the organization of receptions.

In view of the insistence of this committee, one speaks then, of the creation of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Lisbon.

On January 27, 1918, the General Assembly of the Belgian Union decides to create a Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Portugal.

On January 20, 1920, the Belgian Union was dissolved.

II - Dates

II – Dates

January 27, 1918: Creation of the Belgian Chamber of Commerce in Portugal.

July 1918: Publication of the first bulletin.

1919: The delegation from Brussels International Fair is given to a member of its board of directors.

1920: The Chamber studies a commercial Luso-Belgian treaty.

30 October 1920: The Board of Directors is presented to His Majesty the King of the Belgians, Albert I, on an official visit to the Portuguese State.

1921: Despite financial difficulties and the lack of interest by the Belgian Cologne for its Chamber of Commerce, they allow an employee with part-time working hours every day from 17h till 18h30.

1922: Financial difficulties continue; the application for a grant is refused. The Chamber launches a prestige campaign and receptions. A newsletter is edited.

1925: A delegate in Porto is appointed.

1929: With a severe economic crisis, many are to be recovered and litigation service has his hands full.

1932: Creation of a charity fund for the Belgians in need.

1935: The Chambers holds a great propaganda of the Brussels Exhibition.

1936: Mr. Emanuel MIGUEZ, Engineer of United Companies Gas and Electricity is elected president.

In 1936 – 1939:

  • Belgium is the 4th exporter to Portugal with 9% and the 5th importer with 5% of the amount.
  • Various lectures of Professor G. Magnel of the University of Ghent, very appreciated by many Belgian industrial missions – participation at hearings organized at the Brussels International Fair – organization of traineeships in Belgium for young Portuguese graduates, engineers and architects specialized in reinforced concrete.


  • Portuguese World Exhibition, visited by numerous Belgian refugees.
  • Editing of subscription lists in favor of refugees.

1943: Under the pressure of the Belgian Government in London, large study of Luso-Belgian economic relations.

1946: Signature of a new official Luso-Belgian convention.

1952: Increased number of employees at the Chamber, that is open all day.

1953: Visit of Prince Albert of Belgium on the training ship “Lieut Billie”

1958. Intense activity of the Chamber in the context of Brussels Universal Exhibition.

1958: Creation of a service entitled “Business Proposals Control Service” which was to avoid the drawbacks recognized by all the Chambers of Commerce of the same kind, that is, when a company contacts the Chamber, the last one communicates lists, information, documentation, but never knows the result of the service rendered.

1959: Trip of the Chamber to Belgian Congo for a Portuguese product sample fair at the premises of the Leopoldville Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • Installation in Porto of a delegation
  • The Chamber receives its first grant
  • Organization of an official Benelux stand followed by a solely Belgian one at the International Fair of Lisbon.

1963: Creation of a “Belgian Receptions Committee” to hold a series of visits, demonstrations and receptions.

1965 – 1967: Three trips to various Belgian fairs.

Since 1960:

  • Numerous missions of Belgian industrials – participation in organized hearings at Brussels International Fair.
  • Organization of traineeships in Belgium for Portuguese graduates.


  • Commemoration of CCLBL Centenary 
  • Edition of the Book “Câmara de Comércio Luso Belga Luxemburguesa | 100 anos”
  • King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium State Visit to Portugal
III - Premises occupied by the Chamber of Commerce
1918 Rua Nova do Almada, 24 – 2.º
1921 Travessa do Noronha, 7 – 3.º
1922 Rua José Estêvão, 31 – 1.º
1924 Rua da Prata, 275
1925 Palácio d’Alamada, Largo de São Domingos, 11
1939 Praça Luís de Camões, 22 – 2.º
1942 Largo do Terreiro do Trigo, 52 – 2.º
1942 Rua do Loreto, 10 – 1.º
1945 Rua Ferragial de Baixo, 48 – 2.º Dto
1955 Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 21 – 4.º Dto
1960 Avenida Duque d’Ávila, 203 – 5.º
2017 Avenida Visconde Valmor, 76 – 1.º
2019 AIP – Praça das Indústrias, Piso 3 – Sala 25
IV - Presidents
1918-1919 Mr. Romberg NISARD Administrator of the Vale de Vouga Railway Track
1920-1921 Mr. H. J. MALVEZ Businessman in reinforced concrete constructions
 1922-1924 Mr. A. WEMANS Tecnical Director of “Monopole des Tabacs” factories in Portugal
 1925-1933 Mr. M. DE ROO Director of Companhias Reunidas Gás e Electricidade
 1934-1936 Mr. Frenand QUOIRIN Director of Englebert
 1937-1982 Mr. Emanuel MICHEZ Engineer at Companhias Reunidas Gás e Electricidade
 1983-1984 Mr. Roger BEERTEN Administrator of Sebes
 1985-1986 Mr. MASSART Retired – Former delegated administrator of Solvay Portugal
 1987-1988 Mr. Willy DIERICKX
 1988-1991 Mr. Edmond GHISLAIN President of Philips Portuguesa
 1992-1995 Mr. Jacques WALA Director of Fortis Bank
1996-1999 Mr. Jean PONCELET Retired – Former Director of Solvay Portugal factory
2000-2001 Mr. Georges DARGENT Administrator of Famidar
2001-2002 Mr. Georges DEFFENSE Administrator of Sociedade Cavan
2002-2003 Mr. Georges DARGENT Administrator of Famidar
2004-2007 Mr. Olivier MORTIER
2008-2012 Mr. Luís Neto GALVÃO Advogado – Sociedade Rebelo de Sousa & Advogados Associados, R.L.
2012-2016 Mr. Pedro PINTO Administrator / Lawyer – pbbr.a – Sociedade de Advogados, R.L.
2016-2020 Mrs. Maria Eduarda DE LEMOS GODINHO – Lawyer at MEG – Advogados, RL
2020- Mrs. Chantal Sohier – General Manager – BNP Paribas
V - Ambassadors of Belgium
1918-1920 Mr. Raymond LE GHAIT
1921-1942 Count Bauduin DE LICHTERVELDE
1943-1946 Mr. André MOTTE
1947-1951 Baron J. VAN DER ELST
1952-1953 Mr. Jacques DELVAUX DE FENFFE
1954-1958 Baron RUZETTE
1958-1962 Baron BEYENS
1962-1969 Mr. Louis GOFFIN
1969-1972 Mr. René PANIS
1972-1978 Mr. Max WERY
1978-1981 Mr. Karel COECKX
1981-1983 Mr. Jean-François DE LIEDEKERKE
1983-1987 Mr. Marcel HOULLEZ
1987-1991 Mr. Robert VAN OVERBERGHE
1991-1994 Mr. Philippe BERG
1994-1997 Mr. Jean COENE
1997-2000 Mr. Claude MISSON
2000-2003 Mr. Michel CZETWERTYNSKI
2003-2007 Mr. Paul PONJAERT
2007-2010 Mr. Rudolf HUYGELEN
2010-2012 Mr. Jean-Michel VERANNEMAN DE WATERVLIET
2012-2015 Mr. Bernard PIERRE
2015-2018 Mr. Boudewijn DEREYMAEKER
2018- Ms. Geneviève RENAUX


VI - Ambassadors of Luxembourg
1988-1993 Mr. Jean WELTER
1993-1998 Mr. Paul FABER
1998-2003 Mr. Paul DUHR
2003-2004 Mrs. Sylvie LUCAS
2004-2010 Mr. Alain DE MUYSER
2010-2016 Mr. Paul SCHMIT
2016-2020 Mr. Jean-Jacques WELFRING
2020- Mr. Conrad BRUCH