The Câmara de Comércio Luso-Belga-Luxemburguesa (CCLBL) is pleased to announce the opening of its regional office in Braga. CCLBL’s member Ann Kempeneers, founder/owner of Nefelibata Unipessoal Lda has agreed to become a Regional Liaison Officer for the Chamber, operating out of Braga, Europe’s Best Destination.

Chantal Sohier, President of CCLBL: “Creating a network of Regional Liaison Officers is an initiative resulting directly from the input received from our members at the occasion of a members survey conducted last summer. Today our network and its activities are mainly concentrated in the Lisbon area. We want to be active in all regions where our members have their activities, so we can support them at proximity and play a key role in developing bilateral relations and creating increasing business and commercial opportunities.  The North of Portugal is an important and vast region, with a lot of potential and opportunities. This network of Regional Liaison Officers will contribute to connecting people and businesses in continental Portugal and the islands.”

Belgian entrepreneur Ann Kempeneers moved to Portugal in 2019 and founded Nefelibata Unipessoal Lda in Braga: “Connecting with people and other businesses is important to me. That is why I joined CCLBL right after starting my new business. Unfortunately, the pandemic has limited the real networking opportunities, but nevertheless, we had some constructive online meetings. Today I am both happy and proud that I can play the role of Liaison Officer in the North of Portugal. I chose to be in the North and particularly in Braga because I felt a positive and ambitious vibe here. Moreover, this was confirmed by the recent recognition of Braga as Best Destination in Europe. Braga was voted the best destination to invest in Europe. The city is also committed to sustainable tourism and is part of the network of cities with zero CO2 emissions. Of course, I will be happy to get to know also all of the other beautiful cities in the North, their people and their opportunities.”

“The word ‘liaison’ is very meaningful. My aim is both to personally connect with people and to connect people and businesses with each other. I want to connect Belgian businesses and investors with Portuguese, as well as the other way round. Building bridges and crossroads.”

“My new Portuguese business is built on my experience and my know-how, after working for 30 years in Belgium, of which 20 years as an entrepreneur. I worked with over 150 clients, mainly SME’s and professional organisations. I have particular experience in strategic communication. My personal interest in people and business stories can be a particular asset in bringing parties together so they can explore new opportunities for business and co-creation.”

Chantal Sohier is enthusiastic about the development of the Chamber:“ The sanitary crisis forces us to reach out differently to our members. It gives us the chance to discover a broad regional presence and activity throughout Portugal. Thanks to its network of regional liaison officers, the Chamber will be in the proximity of its members. Porto and Braga will be joined by other cities in the course of 2021!”

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