“I started the day listening how Fintechs want to revolutionise market places and how to clean up crypto, given the consumption of energy by bitcoin. Interesting to hear about the concept of Proof of stake as a way to valuate energy consumption against issue resolution. A way to bring corporate governance around crypto as bitcoin is running on Proof of Work.

Today, I finally made it to center stage for a breakout on startups. A special attention to ‘BlocPower’ wanting to turn community buildings into Teslas and to ‘Too good to go’ having the ambition to empower and inspire to fight food waste together.

Late afternoon, very proud of this unexpected encounter with Charlotte de Witte, number 1 DJ Alternative top 100 DJs and Belgian entrepreneur passionate abour pushing and supporting talent, especially during the past 18 months as DJs were cut from their audience. Great quote by Robb McDaniels, CEO of Beatport: not every footballer is Ronaldo, not every DJ is Charlotte. 🇧🇪”

— Chantal Sohier