Master Export is a project developed on FEDER scope in order to bring internationalization support to small and mediium-sized companies of metalworking and habitat industry with impact on Center  Coast and North of Portugal.

Portugal is a technological hub beyond digital solutions.

It is amazing in tourism, and also in industry.

The metalworking and habitat industry incorporates more innovation, technology and differentiation in everything it develops and export for all kinds of uses.

In addition the excellent wines and toursm regions, Portugal presents industry of excellence concentrated in some regions. For two of these regions and for two of its clusters comes the Master Export.

With activities developed  in the regions of Águeda (center region), Vale de Cambra e Arouca (north region) a AEA and AECA come together to contribute to competitiveness gains in the ranks of metalworking and habitat.

Export to increasingly competitive markets, the skills gains and competion, take on greater relevance compared to competiton and extremelly importante for all companies.

That is why Master Export presents with the mission of supporting the companies the two regions in successfull internationalization processes

The Master Export project aims to reinforce the internationalization of metalworking and habitat small and medium-sized companies, creating export channels for countries with high potential and geographically close and enable them to present themselves in these markets with goods of greater technological incorporation.

About the Associations.

A AEA – Associação Empresarial de Águeda, has been founded in 1976, the Association focuses on representation, promotion and defense of the companies common interests.

A AECA – Associação Empresarial de Cambra e Arouca, has been founded in 1991, it was asserting itself as a multisectoral  association at Arouca and Vale de Cambra, with the mission to study and defend teh real interests to trade, industry and services, in order to promote  economic and social technical progress.