The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg @ Web Summit 2018

Type of event: Web Summit 
Where: Lisbon
When: 5 NOV 2018/ OCT 5th 2018

Following the success in 2016 & 2017, the Enterprise Europe Network of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce organised an accompanied visit to the Websummit from 5th to 7th November 2018 in Lisbon, encompassing a well-rounded programme of business networking and b2b activities. Some 140 participants from Luxembourg were present at the Websummit this year including 70 companies who participated in activities organised by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

In a very short span of almost 10 years, the Web Summit 2018 has evolved into one of the largest tech events in Europe. This year, the so called “Davos for Geeks” has gathered, according to the organisers, some 70,000 participants, representing a wide range of companies from the “Fortune 500” list as well as renowned high tech companies and potentially fast growing start-ups from all over the world.

The number of Luxembourg companies at Websummit is constantly on the rise, compared to the previous editions of the event. The reason behind this is the growing importance of the ICT sector and digitalisation in Luxembourg, in line with the country’s strategy to adopt the Third Industrial Revolution developed by the American prospective economist – Jeremy Rifkin. This ambitious project aims at defining a new economic model for the Grand Duchy through the convergence of latest communication technologies, energy source and intelligent and interconnected transportation on a smart IoT platform.